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Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) Entrance Exam Coaching

Indian Military is a pride for every Indian. And the chance of joining the Indian Military lies in the Rashtriya Indian Military College. The intensive training in all subjects, physical activities and discipline pave the students’ way toward fulfilling their dream of joining the Indian Military and serve the nation with everything they have.

However, Rashtriya Indian Military College is not for everyone. The admission process is quite complicated and the students have to pass the entrance exam with a good grade to start studying in the prestigious academy. To help students who are eager to join this organization, many coaching centers are formed that give them a clear idea of what the study will consist of and how they should cope with the same. People often search for the Best coaching center for RIMC entrance exam, but it always better to join an affiliated organization that can truly be of help. Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Coaching in Delhi is one of those. Even the Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Coaching in Delhi NCR also follows the same procedure that the former one does. The students who live near Delhi can join any of them.

About the Admission Procedure

Candidates must not be younger than 11.6 years of age and older than 13 years of age. The admission session takes place twice a year, January and July. It is designed for class VIII only. Either the student must be studying in class VIII or have passed that from a reputed school. The candidature will be accepted on the basis of All India Entrance examination that is held twice a year. The question paper is segregated into four sections. After passing the first three, the candidates are called for the fourth round. The first three sections are English, Mathematics and General Knowledge for 125, 200 and 75 marks respectively. The last round is viva that is for 50 marks. To crack the exam successfully, the students living near Faridabad can get admission to Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Coaching in Faridabad. These are all affiliated and provide the best possible training to the students.

Age Group

The age of the candidates should be within 11.6 years to 13 years. Class VIII is the benchmark which the students either studying in or passes with good grades from a recognized organization. Basically class VIII in Rashtriya Indian Military College is considered as Class I. Along with the same, there are some medical standards that the students need to pass for getting admission to this college.

Reservation Policy

Students can get the application form along with a booklet and old question papers from the college directly with a self-addressed slip of account payee demand draft. The general candidates must pay 600 rupees, and it is 555 rupees for SC and ST candidates.

The medical standards come after the written exam and viva is cracked. For that students of Hariyana can opt for the guidance given in Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Coaching in Haryana. There are many other coaching centers available in India providing similar training for the students of different places in India.


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