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Admission Procedure


Admissions at PIBS are carried out through a very simple process. PIBS has an Admission Application Form to simplify the admission process for applicants as well as for the teachers to make the admission and selection process relatively easier. This form includes the general information of the applicant and his family, an applicant questionnaire (to be filled by the student himself) and the teacher recommendation form (to be completed by the applicant’s current teachers).

It is desirable that all admission formalities be consummated well afore the commencement of the new session. However, constrained vacancies may subsist in the middle of the academic year for the students. Information on midyear vacancies may be obtained by electronically-mailing the schools Admissions Coordinator. However it is best to apply early. Parents are requested to be frank and veracious in providing information in the admission application form. Adverse information if any, whether scholastic or behavioral, will not be a ground for refusal of any admission request. Any such information would in fact avail the school to engender a congruous environment for your child, once admitted. Any erroneous information or concealment of information discovered later may lead to abrogation of admission. However, submission of the application does not guarantee admission to your ward.



School Leaving Certificate ( Original)
2) Report Card ( Original)
3) Date of Birth ( Photo Copy)
4)  Copy of Address Proof
5)  Four Latest Passport Size Colored Photographs of Student
6) Passport size colored Photographs of Mother and Father
7) In case of SC/ST &OBC, all relevant documents are required.

List of Toiletries/Iteams to be provided by Parents.

1 Inner Wear 6
2 Bath Soap 6
3 Soap Dish 1
4 Shampoo (Big Size) 2
5 Tooth Paste 2
6 Tooth Brush 2
7 Hair Oil 2
8 Telcum Powder 2
9  Face Cream  2
10 Vaselene Body Lotion  2
11  Bathroom Sliper  1 Pair
12  Boroline  2
13 Black Shoe Polish  2
14 Black Shoe Brush  2
15 Hangers  1 doz.
16 Betnovate Plane  2
17  Ring Guard  2
18 Dettol Soap  2
19 Jeans  2
20 T-Shirt (Plane)  4
21 Sports Shoe  1 pair
22 Pillow  1
23 Party Dress  1
24 Lock  2
25 Track Suit (Blue)  1
26 Lower  2

 Note: 1. All above items are available at school Counter.
               2. Parents have to deposite Rs 2500/- as Pocket Money (Accountable).
               3. Boarder can purchase the items from Counter Amount would be adjusted from pocket money.
               4. Parents have to keep Rs 1000/- as minimum balance in Pocket money.
               5. A/c facilities is available at Rs 20000/- (per annum) Extra.
               6. After making the payment Books and School uniform will be available on school bookstore.


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