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The adventure at Pinewood International Boarding school is fun. One or the other student is always available to share his moments with his friends.  A home away from home, students at PIBS learn much more than anybody can imagine. Students do plenty of hard work, and before they know it, they rise to the challenge and thrive academically. The adventure activities here provide students with opportunities to discover their world and to uncover abilities in themselves which they may not have realized. Unlike traditional school settings, an alfresco adventure school setting is affluent in opportunities to push past perceived limits, to utilize teamwork and communication skills, and to practice quandary solving skills with authentic world applications. Evidence suggests that spending time in nature can facilitate symptoms associated with learning disabilities, and we discern this to be true.

Expedition curriculum, in integration to each student’s individualized curriculum, is acclimated to ascertain pertinence to each expedition locale. For example, students backpacking on the Himalayan Trail will typically read Himalayan folktales about the region, learn about War battle sites nearby, calculate average daily miles per hour or plot their course on a grid, and study the forestry commonly encountered on that portion of the trail.

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