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The school library subsists to provide a range of learning opportunities for individuals with a focus on astute content, information literacy, and the learner. The school library additionally accommodates as a cognition space for students to do independent work, utilize computers, equipment and research materials; to host special events such as author visits and book clubs; and for tutoring and testing. The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for emboldening innovation, curiosity, and quandary solving. Our library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for edifying and scaffolding inquiry learning.

PIBS library makes a difference to students’ understanding and achievement and provides support for learning throughout the school. Our library is a paramount part of the school community and reflects and welcomes this community. It provides access to abstracts and descriptions for approximately 1,000 journals, magazines and newspapers and includes general interest materials, convivial research, the environment, science, agriculture, current affairs, the arts and humanities and books on the English literature and novels written by some of the best-sellers. Our library prepares students to live and learn in a world of information. The mission of our store of knowledge is to ascertain that students and staff are able to utilize conceptions and information.

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