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Pinewood International Boarding School
provides a unique learning experience to its students through a plethora of cultural activities for a balanced and all-encompassing education by integrating academics with the culture of India. Yoga and music are two of those which are taken up by most of the students here at PIBS. We host different activities for students of different age groups at reception, primary and higher education level. Cultural activities here are practiced during school hours in which the children have opportunities to meet with artist and representatives of professional cultural organizations.

Creating and exhibiting artwork, writing and putting on a play or producing a short film, our students are involved in a myriad of activities. Ranging from writing, painting, artwork, singing and dancing, PIBS inspires its students to participate maximally in interschool competitions all over India and also use these activities in the context of classrooms. PIBS creates an environment where students are immersed in the language and culture beyond their classes. Students also enjoy field trips, culturally relevant celebrations and festive meals in addition to the activities carried out here. We not only strive at educating the children, but shaping their personality as a whole.

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