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Sport plays a central role in the school's mission to fortify and nurture individual pupils with diverse needs. We believe sport develops pupils' confidence ...
The adventure at Pinewood International Boarding school is fun. One or the other student is always available to share his moments with his friends....
The meaning of co-curricular activities revolves around its different features and characteristics. Ken Robinson rightly says it all....
Pinewood International Boarding School provides a unique learning experience to its students through a plethora of cultural activities for a balanced ...
Chairman's Message
We are in the midst of a revolution. The nation is basking in the glory of a new proud generation that is taking the world of storm!...
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Campus Life
Pinewood International Boarding School provides an extensive network of services which aim at ensuring the overall health and well-being of its students and nurturing their artistic,...
7 Acers Campus Area
The school is housed in 7 acres with beautiful gardens and a vast playground. There is an abundance of fresh air and myriad picturesque views of the Aravali Range...
Welcome to Pinewood International Boarding School in Delhi NCR, Faridabad Haryana

Pinewood International Boarding School aims at generating the next generation of world leaders. Our school is fully accredited for CBSE education grades and we offer a comprehensive learning program for each grade level. Private education can’t be beaten and as far as the question of ‘why Pinewood’ is concerned, our school offers a relatively simple and easy to the pocket fee structures, making education easily accessible for all classes of society. The teachers here at Pinewood are highly qualified and an expert in their respective fields helping students with self-paced education and their individual learning preferences and needs..

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The average boarding school fees of Pinewood International Boarding School is rupees one lakh seventy thousand per annum.

Pinewood Boarding school gives a wide range of facilities to pupils such as a conducive study bedroom, a well-equipped library, smart television set for entertainment, a dining room or refectory, a kitchen with snacks and storage facilities for riders and other sports equipment.

The best time to visit Pinewood boarding school in Faridabad is between 9 am to 4 pm.

The student-teacher ratio in Pinewood International School is a comfortable 30:1.

Pinewood International School has an experienced doctor on campus as well as a counselor with whom students can share their problems.

Yes, the school does have an entrance test or a mock interview before admitting any student.

It is imperative that you visit the school and are fully convinced before admitting your ward.

The youngest age for boarding school is 6 years.

Pinewood International School is undoubtedly the best boarding school in India.

A boarding school instills discipline, independence, compassion, a competitive spirit, develops leadership and interpersonal skills and prepares a child for all walks of life.

Children grow in a friendly, safe and secure environment in a boarding school. They form close bonds of love and respect with their peers and teachers.

Boarding schools definitely do not harm a child for life. On the contrary, a child benefits in numerous ways and is well equipped for adult life.

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